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Coronavirus Coverage

Brad Paisley says that this pandemic has brought country stars together like never before.

Paisley told us, “Trust me when I say that the country music stars who are friends are talking a lot together. In ways that, I would go months without texting Darius (Rucker) at any given time, but I don’t go a day or two without texting these guys right now.”

He continues, “We feel a bit helpless towards our futures, but we feel very thankful. We are in a good place, artists like us are, unless we were incredibly foolish, we’re alright right now. I know all of them are doing what they can for their bands. Then there are artists that aren’t quite to that level, that are having a harder time. They’re not going to be able to do as much and that’s where the pain is going to set in. We need to take seriously these funds and charities that come up that pay musicians and these session guys, because sessions aren’t happening right now.”

Paisley offers, “As far as the rest of us talking, we don’t know for sure when they’ll open up the idea of concerts being okay, it all depends on science. It depends on what they come up with, when they find the thing that allows us a bit of stability. Whether that’s a treatment that knocks the fatality numbers down or vaccine, or whatever it is. Some things are further off than others, I believe in miracles and there are things yet to come.”

He’s optimistic though that we will get past this, saying, “We’ll see who pulls a rabbit out of the hat. When that time comes, one thing I am absolutely certain of is that this will be a party like no other when people are willing to hug again and rock out and lift a glass to whatever in the same room. It’s going to rock, and we have to keep sight of that. Nothing lasts forever, this won’t.”