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Turn That Spare Room Into A Man Cave With These Ideas

Everyone needs a little space for themselves, and it's not just the women. Men need it too!

Rather than taking over the living room or basement, use that spare space to create your own room that you will enjoy. A manly room. No cutesy pillows here.


Okay, here are some ideas:



You may at first glance think this is very childlike, but honestly, how many men are out there that play video games and want to hold onto their systems? It's literally a bookshelf turned sideways and it keeps all the systems organized. You can even take it one step further if you don't have every single system, and put the system on the top of the shelf and then the bottom can be bins of games.



The comfy couches and a mounted TV. Great for loafing around, watching movies, or catching a game on the tube.