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7 Things Every Graduating College Student Should Know

05/11/2016 at 10:47 | Lauren Levine // Freelance Writer

Graduating college is a major life milestone. You’re entering the real world! Freedom! But while you learn a lot of information in college, your coursework doesn’t always cover everything you need to know to allow you to adult successfully. That’s why we’re here to present a few key points that every graduating senior should know:

It’s easier to find a job when you already have one

So your first job offer isn’t everything you had dreamt it would be. That’s okay. You can use it to get some experience, develop connections, and boost your resume. You don’t have to stay there forever, but it’s much easier to find something you really do like when you’re already working.

Staying out until 2 a.m. on a weeknight catches up to you

Half-priced bottles of wine are hard to resist, but you’ll wish you had made different choices when your alarm’s buzzing in your ear at 6 telling you it’s time to go shower and get ready for work. Choose wisely and save the real antics for the weekend. It’s a lot easier to skip a 9 a.m. lecture than it is to explain to your boss why you were late for a staff meeting.

Choose your roommates wisely

If you’re sharing a living space with someone, put some careful thought into the situation. While it may seem like the perfect idea to room with your BFF, remember that there’s such thing as too much time together. Many strong friendships have fallen by the wayside because the people were great friends, yet made a horrible roommate pairing. If you opt for a random roommate, take time to actually meet the person to get a better sense of whether cohabitating would be manageable.

Start a 401(k) 

Yes, thinking about retirement sounds ridiculous. But add even $10 or $20 into the fund each month and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it grows.

Read through your health insurance options

When you get a full-time job that comes with benefits, it’s tempting to just grab the first plan you see and be glad that you’re covered in the event that you break your leg. Health insurance is complicated though, so actually read through your options and pick the plan that’s best based on your current situation. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either. This stuff is confusing.

Friendships will change and that’s okay

People move, get busy with their careers, and get into relationships. It’s okay if you had 10 close friends in college and only stay in touch with one or two. Quality over quantity.

Making friends as an adult can take a while

Especially when you move to a new city where you don’t know anyone. Give it time and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Go to networking events. Take a class. Be patient and know that you’ll find people you click with eventually.

What do you wish someone had told you as you were graduating college? Share with us in the comments!